2005: The creation of VIA MARE company allows the arrival to Porto of the GIROLATA, a wooden boat of 18m built in 1972. 

2007/2008: The first boat sees itself replaced by two boats in aluminum material, GIROLATA and U PORTU, always measuring 18m of length. They are created by Laurent FOURRIER, architect, and built by the company ODC Marine.




VIA MARE takes a clear ecological orientation by investing in two new HYBRID boats. They are the first ones of the kind of this size in the world. They work either in diesel or in electric propulsion, allowing the passengers to take advantage completely of the ballad, in a total environmental respect. Indeed, neither without any noise nor any emission of CO2 in areas classified in the UNESCO world heritage, the flora and fauna are protected. These boats are created by Eric Jean, architect, and built by ODC Marine.

2013: The arrival of the ELBU comes to strengthen this orientaton. The new boat is endowed with solar panels, in the continuity of the project, as a supplement to the system of electric load alongside the quay, already existing on the previous two boats.